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1. Our company adopts the top-class laser engraving technology ( laser with color) for marking products, marking products can clearly show the marking content, MARK carving is more delicate, and marking content is permanent. At the same time, it is more environmental protection and energy saving than the previous ink-jet marking.The non-contact marking method ensures that our products are cleaner and tidy. The engraving accuracy of 0.001mm ensures the completion of the gold plating layer of our products, which greatly improves the life of the products.

2. Nano-scale electroplating technology makes our products take the lead in surface treatment technology in the industry. It can bring more stable coating, more solid adhesion,so the  product performace is more more stable.

3、Mirror turning technology not only Increases the beauty of the probe appearance  without losing sharp edge, but also  doubles the service life of the probe, so that our customers are more satisfied.

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