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Cycle Life

Probe  Life Cycle Test

Probe Life Cycle Test is an important step in the design evaluation process. Chip Shine has developed a new generation of programmable Life.

Cycle Test Systems capable of delivering fast and accurate feedback to our design engineers. Each test system is capable of determining the;
reliability and performance characteristics of our probes. This ensures that the electrical and mechanical performance of each probe
meets;engineering specifications, as well as customers' expectations. 

Each system was designed with an open architecture, allowing for the flexibility necessary to adapt to the growing needs of the ATE industry.
Resistance measured using the probe test. This method uses a pair of wires to supply constant current to the device under test (DUT).
A separate pair of wires measures the voltage drop across the DUT. This method allows the system to void the resistance of the measuring
The resistance of the test platen is then offset with software. The system is calibrated at regular intervals with standards traceable to the
National Institute of Standards Technology.

Due to various situations, we perform the damage test to probes.  We look for the probes which will pass over 1 million life cycles. This is based
on customer’s test situation, We found  some customers use boards that are dirty with more flux which effects the probe life span.

Chip Shine suggests:

1. Clean the dirty board before the in-line test

2. Clean the probes completely.

3. Change out any broken and bad probes so they will not break the board.

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