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Each part of the spring contact probe uses different materials. 


The base material and plating of the plunger are some of the most important factors of probe performance. Conductivity, strength and wear

characteristics are the major criteria for choosing a base material. 

Compare plungers between rival probe and BT probe, you will find our plunger more smooth. 

The barrel is a critical portion of the spring contact probe. The inside of the barrel must make good electrical contact with the plunger and spring, while the outside of the barrel must make good electrical contact with the receptacle. 

The Series of TOP probe is the industry benchmark from which all others are measured. The gold to gold contact design provides reliable, low
resistance, cycle after cycle.
Barrel Material—Nickel/silver
Barrel Plating—Gold over nickel

Chip Shine uses two types of materials for springs:  music wire and stainless steel.. Music wire is used for high force springs as it has a
reasonable resistance, but cannot operate at temperatures above 120°C. 
Stainless steel has the highest operating temperature (260°C for 1 hour), the highest resistance, and a strength is slightly lower than that of
music wire.
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